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Friedrich Nietzsche once said: Humanity’s darkest moment will arrive on the day when the last dreamer dies.

I close my eyes and dream...                         

I see them as fulfilled...                                    

And dream with even greater courage..  


I use potter’s clay and ceramic glazes fired at 1220 C. The making of every object -- up until the time that it emerges from the kiln -- is its birth process.

In Rõõmustuudio at Kaluri tee 3 in Viimsi, visitors are welcome to see how the objects are created. Ceramics courses are also available to all who are interested.

It’s the perfect setting for wonderful, creative, one of a kind birthdays and other events. Welcome!


Work by “graduates” of Rõõmustuudio:


Margit                                                           Margit



Marju                                                             Karin



Katrin                                                             Riia


Ingrid                                                           Triinu



Triinu                                                           Triinu



Riia                                                              Finnair tytöt


                           Jane                                                           Meeri



            Nesty                         Kristel                                            Eve



                                Piret                                                               Piret



                                 Kristel                                                          Erlike         


                               Eve                                                            Marju


                               Marju                                                        Marju